Bloomington has a proud heritage of athletes, academics, and notable persons of interest. The B-Town MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is owned and instructed by Indiana University's long time jiu jitsu instructor Greg Lucas. We are proud to offer this city and community a safe place to learn Mixed Martial Arts and Caique Jiu Jitsu. People often worry that martial arts training encourages violence; however, our students are expected to hone their skills for purely self-defense and sport application. As the body develops, so does the mind. Martial arts students build confidence while training and learn courtesy, integrity, perserverance, self-control and gain an indomitable spirit. This approach to the martial arts can provide a medium for great personal growth and physical fitness for all ages.

What can you expect?


Greg Lucas opened his first academy in 1992 (That's 23 years ago!) and began instructing at IU in 1996. He is a two-stripe black belt under Carlos Henrique "Caique" Elias who is a 7th degree red-and-black belt under Rickson Gracie. In the world of jiu jitsu. their is no family bigger and more important to jiu jitsu than the Gracies. We are inviting you to learn techniques passed down from multiple generations from the best minds this art has to offer.

A Better You

Whether it is gaining a higher level of physical fitness or just increasing your level of activity, jiu jitsu is great for all ages. We focus on self-defense training which provides our students with the confidence to defend themselves in various situations. Learning jiu jitsu or any martial art emphasizes core concepts such as respect, humility, and patience. These ideals are instilled in our students to make them active and productive members in the community.

Recent Updates

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Top Notch

I first met Greg in 2010 while training at IU. He was and is very methodical when it comes to technique, but he always lightens the mood with his witty rhetoric. Since getting to know him through countless hours of training, I realized what a special instructor I had. Despite working as a firefighter and raising his 4 kids, he still provides quality knowledge to his students. -Frank G.

What a Blast!

My son loves it! He just started karate about 3 weeks ago and it's all he talks about!-Elizabeth S.